How to wake up earlier without waking up the kids?

How to wake up earlier without waking up the kids?

Many mothers embracing intentional mornings are discouraged because when they attempt to wake up earlier, the kids wake up with them. And that is not only counterproductive but also it defeats the purpose of putting your alarm earlier to spend quality alone time. You will instead spend time with a cranky toddler who didn’t get enough sleep (I do assume the only kids who want to wake up that early and spend time with their mom are toddlers).

Below are some tips on what you can do to minimize the noise you make around the house in the morning:

Use a silent alarm

When I started waking up early, I used my basic Fitbit for a vibration on my wrist. Only I would feel it and sneak out of bed.
I also had great success with the lowest volume alarm (without vibration) on my phone, but that only worked after my body got used to waking up so early.

Prepare your clothes the night before

Your mornings shouldn’t be spent deciding what to wear or looking for a top you can’t find. Put out the night before every single item of clothing you will wear and lay them down in the order you will use to put them on. Undergarments on top, top in the middle, pants or skirt at the bottom.

Take a shower in the night

The world is divided into two camps: shower in the night or shower in the morning. Whichever camp you belong to, when you are changing this habit, and you want your mornings to be spent in silence, without your kids, you must take a shower in the night. If not, the first hour of your day will be spent on hygiene instead of soul-care.

Pre-prepare your morning beverage

As much as possible, put everything ready the night before: the water in the kettle or the coffee machine, the coffee or tea scooped and waiting, the cup on the side. The only noise should come from pressing the button or putting on the fire and pouring water.

Keep the lights off

Offer your brain a smooth transition by using either a candle or just the light from your phone.

Rethink your morning activities

If your kids are waking up because you make too much noise, what is the activity you can eliminate or replace with something quieter?

Relocate your hub

Think of where is the location in your house you spend most of your morning? Is there any way you could move this activity from this area and go to another room or corner, further from the kid’s bedrooms. How about taking everything and go outside of the house?

Embrace healthy boundaries

While we love our children unconditionally, we must be aware of our barriers in setting healthy boundaries. It is not unreasonable to have personal time, regardless how many kids you have and how little they are, especially when you are doing it first thing in the morning.
You can explain to your child (age appropriate) that you need to do some work now so that later you can spend more time with him.
You could also say that it’s too early for them to get out of bed and invite them to be tucked in again.

Sometimes it is very hard to make a change. At the beginning especially, when you haven’t yet fully experienced the benefits of having this time for yourself, it’s more convenient to say I can’t do it because I’m waking up the kids. And some days, that would be the case, but you could also say:

“I’m the fierce protector of my own time. I will adjust and perfect my routine until I get the results I want.”


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How to Wake Up Earlier Without Waking Up the Kids?

8 Useful Tips for Early Morning Silence Without Waking Up the Kids

Be the fierce protector of your own time. Adjust and perfect your morning routine until you get the results you want.

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