How to Become a Self-Compassionate Mom

How to become a self-compassionate mom

There will be many things you will mess up.
You will say many things you didn’t really want to say.
You will do many things that you didn’t really want to do.
There will be many people you will disappoint, knowingly or unknowingly. Including yourself.

A self-compassionate stance helps us navigate the times when we mess up. Self-forgiveness is the moment when not only we accept our shortcomings, but we also let them go and not use them to define our present.

Forgiveness is freedom, and self-forgiveness even more so.

Of course, you read through all of this and really really want to do it, feel it and change. But old habits die hard, and you have been spending decades being the way you are. There is no magic wand you can use to instantly transform your current state.

So if you do only one thing today, that is to lie in bed, just before you go to sleep and revisit your day. And then say “I’ve done well. I’ve learned what I needed to learn. I am grateful.” Do it again tomorrow. And the day after. And continue doing it until you are not longer the woman life happens TO, but you become the person life happens FOR.

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