We enter motherhood dreaming that somehow, the little bundle of love that grew inside of us will bring endless joy. We bring high expectations of how everything is supposed to work out, and how it will all change us. And when the reality doesn’t match our imagination, we shrink into feeling lonely and isolated: “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not enjoying this more?”

We don’t talk about it, of course, cause that would mean saying out loud “I’m struggling!” And people judge and other mothers are mean, and we don’t want to admit defeat. “But what more do you want?”, Some say. "You’ve got the perfect family!" And they’re right, of course. From the outside, everything looks perfect.

And so we shut these feelings out. We start eating too many ice creams or five one too many empanadas; we spend three hours in the gym, pour unreasonable energy and focus into the academic results our children achieve in school. We bicker with our husbands, overemphasize insignificant details and feel that our life simply has no purpose. One day, something happens that will trigger your desire to change and the willingness to rediscover that lost part of yourself. Independent of your children, partner, results or marks accomplished. You, the woman.

Because we’ve been exactly at this point, and we know how vulnerable it is to say “I NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR MYSELF OR ELSE I WILL COLLAPSE,” we want to offer you a safe place, and a hand holding as you mark the day when you make yourself a priority.

This is a retreat to recharge and heal and ultimately honor who you became in the past years.

We’ll go away for two nights, we’ll move our bodies with kindness and understanding, and we’ll start dreaming about how we want to live our lives. Our hope is that by the end of this weekend, you will find that flicker of inspiration to continue living an intentional and purposeful life.
Join Us 19-21 May for the Magical Mom Retreat!

This retreat is a weekend away, a safe place to let yourself have a break from your everyday mom life: time to think your sentences to the end, listen to yourself and others and find the spark to be inspired, exercise and be kind to yourself.

Magical Mom Retreat is designed to support you through various workshops exploring both the physical aspects as well as your soul. We will explore your desires and suggest tools for achieving them at your own pace.

There will also be times to relax, lie down, read a book in the hammock or sit undisturbed on the beach.

Magical Mom Retreat includes accommodation for two nights, all vegetarian meals (allergies and special diets can be accommodated), tea and water throughout the day, delicious snack and wine by the beach and a welcome gift bag. Retreat includes 4 Pilates classes:
-dynamic stretching which allows your body to rediscover its flexibility and give you the feeling of reconnection;
-strength and intensity, in which class you will be reminded of how strong and powerful your body really is;
-standing dynamic stretching by the beach;
-fusion of all the elements we explored during the weekend for our last class on Sunday morning.
All classes end with relaxation.

You will also get a private physical therapy assessment, as well as four group soul-sessions.

Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat is hosting Magical Mom Retreat. Istmo is located 1,5 hours drive from Panama City in Playa Grande, San Carlos, 10 minutes from Coronado. Istmo is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, 5 minutes walk from the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful natural beach. Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat has cozy bungalows from single to quadrable occupancy.

It's a unique location which will offer you a peaceful environment to rest and rise to be the best version of yourself.

"I will lead you through the physical part of this retreat, aiming to create a safe place for your body and mind to work together to feel energized, good and strong.

I have a degree in physical therapy, and I have been working in this field for over 10 years. I'm also a certified Basi Pilates teacher. I am a mom of two kids. I love to see the world through their eyes and listen to their thoughts and stories."

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"I believe our entire experience of motherhood will change the moment we get off the autopilot that makes our days pass by, achieving absolutely nothing we are proud of, except feeding the kids and keeping everybody in check. The deep desire to live a meaningful life exists in every single one of us.

My job is to guide mothers in uncovering how they want to feel every day and become intentional in fulfilling their desires."

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Single occupancy of a double room $650

Double room (you will share a bungalow with another mom) $430

Triple room (three moms in one bungalow with two bunk beds) $380

Quad room (four moms in one bungalow with two bunk beds) $380