The Two Options When Considering Waking Up Before the Kids

I’ve long been an advocate to early wake-up. The moment the kids started sleeping through the night, and my schedule became more predictable, waking up early, before my entire family, was the absolute BEST thing I’ve done.

It was the greatest catalyst for change – personal growth, business productivity, and overall happiness.

I stumbled upon this when I was still waking up at odd hours to feed my babies and couldn’t fall back asleep. Even though I was tired, these were the days that brought me the most satisfaction.
I went back to revisit that time, and I think that the one thing that makes a difference is the feeling of taking care of yourself first. Spending the first hours of the day intentionally, dedicated to yourself; not the kids, not housework, not your partner, but just an activity that makes YOU feel good.

There are two ways to go about waking up early:


If you usually wake up at 6:30, start by putting an alarm at 6:15. Do that for a week.
The week after, set the alarm at 6:05. Do that for another week. Slowly move your wake-up window until you reach your desired time.
This hour is not the same for everybody. Some may be happy with waking up at 6, while other need more time to recharge and intentionally start their day.


When you are clear about the time you wish to dedicate yourself in the morning, the first step is to put an alarm for that hour. No snoozing, no making up excuses. Just get out of your bed, get dressed and get your morning beverage. The first day will be hard. Practice self-compassion and be gentle. Being tired the first day will trigger an early bedtime for that day. Earlier bedtime means you will be more rested.

It’s a cycle. It can be a positive, or a vicious one, entirely up to you.

So which way will you embrace tomorrow?

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The two options when you consider waking up before the kids.

Waking up early is a cycle. It can be a positive or a vicious one.

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