Hopes, Dreams and Plans for 2018

Hopes and Plans for 2018

December is my favorite month of the year. Even though I believe that new, better habits can be started any day, not necessarily January 1st, the end of the year gives me the feeling of a clean slate.

In the past, I used to sit down on December 31st and make a list of things I wanted. Let me give you some highlights from previous years:

December 31st, 1998
pass the end of the year exams with a high grade and get into a good university
find a boyfriend who gets me

December 31st, 2003
lose weight

December 31st, 2006
buy my first car
find love

December 31st, 2008
drink more water and lose weight
find myself

Then, I would have a solid plan of how I will achieve this: I would join a gym, buy a new water bottle, have a strict diet plan or vow to go out more and wear lower heels (it’s tough finding love when you are the tallest person in any given bar).
The trouble with this approach is that the focus is on a specific tangible result. I was chasing an idea of how I believe it will feel like when I finally got what I want.
When I was writing “find a boyfriend who gets me” what I meant to say was “I want to feel accepted, appreciated, lovable and less lonely.” There are different ways to feel this way without necessarily following the pursuit of finding a man and expecting him to fill these holes I didn’t know how to address.
When I was set to “lose weight” what I really meant to say is “I want to feel less critical of my body, I want to make peace with the unrealistic (Cosmo magazine) expectations I’ve set on myself, I want to feel vibrant, healhy, and light.” I was hoping to feel all of that if I lost weight, but that was, clearly, not the answer I was looking for.

And so in the past 3 years, with the help of Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul, I am sitting down at the end of December and ask myself “What is the way that I want to feel” and then the even more revolutionary “What I will do to feel the way I want to feel.”

I wrote in details about what happened this year and now, as I am sitting down to infuse some soul into my ambitions and desires, here are the 3 things that I want to remember:

Treat everything as a 6 months project. I want to try new things, both in my personal life and in business. Some of these things scare me if I think about embracing them as permanent changes. The truth is, I don’t know if I like them, but I surely want to try and expand my comfort area. So nothing is permanent. I will try for 6 months, see how I feel and then I am free to change my mind.

Before going down to specifics, (these nitty-gritty details of how many times per week I will do Pilates and how many times per month I will go to massage), I want to build margin into my day, my year and my agenda.

For the first time, I am incorporating rest in my year. A period of complete distance from my work, a period that I will dedicate to connection, family and rediscover travel as a family of 5.

So now, it’s your turn, I want you to sit down and honestly list “this is how I want to feel.”

And because this is the best time of the year, I want to offer you the, ten questions I ask myself as I start writing my intentions and desires for the year ahead.

May it serve you!

Happy New Year!

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