My Morning Routine

After writing this article, many readers wrote to me asking for the specific morning routine I have.

I was resistant to share that because what works for me might not work for you. My morning routine is something I developed over the years, based on my needs – an introvert who cherishes silence but has three small children and works from home.

We might not have the same desires regarding personal time.

The way we start our day, however, dictates the quality of what will follow, both regarding personal time and relationships.

I’ve heard so many stories of mothers shifting their entire lives by becoming intentional about how they start their day, so I want to support that.

My day starts at 4:45 AM. I wake up with a silent alarm on my wrist, get dressed, brush my teeth, go downstairs, silent as a mouse and put the tea on. During this time, I write for 5 minutes (with the timer) in my gratitude journal.
When the tea is ready, I sit down to meditate for 15-20 minutes. I’ve tried many forms of meditation, but the one that allowed me to embrace it as a day practice was Headspace.
When I’m done, my tea is just perfect for drinking and I start writing. I usually write for 1 hour.

Around 6 AM, I stop writing and get on my email (or whatever other activity – such as social media or reading, that wouldn’t be affected if I get interrupted).
I do that until the kids are awake, which is usually 6:30ish. First one is my older daughter who wants individual play with me as soon as she’s awake. We play for 10-15 minutes, after which I help her get dressed, and she starts eating her breakfast. By this time usually, the twins are up. They get a bottle of milk in bed then I get them dressed.

At 7:30 we all walk to school to drop off the big sister.

This is what works for me right now. It may not be the same in a couple of months.

I make exceptions of course, especially when I went to bed too late or when one of the kids was up in the night or if my husband and I had a date night.

What is your morning routine?

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The way we start our day dictates the quality of what will follow.

Mothers are shifting their entire lives by becoming intentional about how they start their day.

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