How I Became a Morning Person

The day I became a morning person

I’ve always believed that the best of life happens in the night. I’ve never had any issues being awake until 2 AM or working night flights.

That’s until I had kids.

Not because I minded being awake; that was not at all an issue.
Being awake EARLY, however, is what smacked my face hard on the pavement pillow.

Having one child was still reasonably bearable. I made it through it, one day at a time, saying to myself things like “motherhood is supposed to be hard,” or “these are the difficult years” and “it’s my season of not thriving.”

I was convincing myself that my life is supposed to suck just because I had a kid.

Upgrading (thanks, overachieving uterus) to three children in three years was the unwelcome wake-up call.
As soon as the kids were asleep, I was staying up CELEBRATING that I was finally free of responsibilities, diapers and translating baby talk. But I didn’t do anything constructive, productive or creative with this time. It was the end of the day, and I had nothing left to give, so I spent my time binge-reading, binge-Netflixing or binge-scrolling through social media feeds. It wasn’t about ME. It was just numbing out to feel like doing something other than caring for my kids or my home.

Then some magic entered my existence during the first months of caring for my twin babies. I would fall asleep with my oldest at 7:30 PM while my husband would put the twins to bed. He would wake me up at 10:30 when they were up for their next meal. I was still sleepy enough to feed them and go back to sleep. At 4 AM when they woke up for the next serving, I already had enough sleep to stay awake after I put them back to bed.
The house was blissfully silent. I brewed my tea and watched the sunrise while working productively. I used my creativity for the first time in years. And when my kids were finally awake, I could smile happily and welcome them into my day, rather than being tiredly annoyed that they woke me up.

I had a glimpse of what life could feel like if I took care of myself FIRST and make those hours about what I wanted to do rather than just crawling from one day to the next hoping that life and motherhood will eventually get better.

Waking up earlier was the single, most important habit change I embraced that drastically improved my mood, my relationship to my kids and my husband, my work and my health (physical and mental).

Do you know a mother who lives day by day hoping it will magically get better? Be a friend and share along...

How I Became a Morning Person
Motherhood is not supposed to be hard all the time
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