Manual for Motherhood: Discover, Celebrate and Nurture the Woman You've Become

I am embracing motherhood as the most profound, soul-altering, mind-smashing, life-changing, future-messer personal development and growth any woman can go through.

I spent the first years being completely unaware of any depth to it other than caring for my kids. I was just saying to myself things like “this is difficult!”, “motherhood is supposed to be hard!”, “it’s all about sacrifice and giving selflessly,” or “joy might still come later,” and “this is no longer about me, now I have to think about my kids.”

I was mistaken.

Motherhood is supposed to be easy, enjoyable and fun.

THIS life you’ve got is supposed to be cherished and LIVED fully, alongside your kids and loved ones.

Everything that is happening is happening FOR you, not TO you!

In this book you will learn how to become the happiest mom you know!

Here is what we will explore...

  • The Most Profound Transformation is YOURS

    Often, the main focus in Motherhood seems to be focused on the child – the development, well-being, proper care, nutrition and upbringing of the beautiful new soul. In this process, we often neglect that it is not only the baby that was born but also a new woman: the mother. She has to renegotiate her identity, body, responsibilities, priorities, and place in the world. How do we celebrate that?

  • Motherhood is an Opportunity to Heal

    Very few of us have been loved how we wanted to be loved. Our own children, through their unconditionality and helplessness, will bring back tender memories. We are privileged to witness our pain, finally embrace it fully and change how we react, think, feel and love and thus influencing how our children react, think, feel and love.

  • Rewrite Your Story from a Place of Self-Compassion

    The most profound relationship we will ever have is the relationship with ourselves. Never is this more important than when we are the role-models for our children. The way we talk to them is the way they will talk to others. Our inner-dialogue will become their self-talk. What is your responsibility?

  • Daily Habits to Cruise Smoothly through Life

    We can all tend to our necessary soul-work, but not when our home is chaotic, laundry piling up and kids have eaten pasta for the third day in a row. I’m all about the minimum effort maximum gain approach to everything and running the practical aspects of life are no exception. This is the cherry on top of this tiny manual.

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