My story by Jenni Uusitalo



“Not all those who wander are lost” by J.R.R Tolkien is one of my favorite quotes. I believe in wandering and everlasting questioning to keep my focus and life in balance. As a physiotherapist and pilates instructor my biggest and most gratifying goal is to help and guide my clients to reach for their best physical potential. It can be anything between brushing your own hair to be able to run 21k race. Or to sleep and wake up without back pain.

I love food and to cook from the scratch with fresh ingredients, I love physical challenges, I love to sweat, and running is my way to meditate, I’m amazed and inspired of human body’s ability to learn and adapt. I believe that wellbeing is balancing between soul, spirit and body, about being respectful and gentle to yourself. Functioning body is a gift that one should nourish and challenge with lots of love. Always with love and respect.

I come from Finland, I’m a mom of two small boys and a wife of an amazing man. We love to get to know different cultures and countries, it’s our way to grow awareness in us, be more respectful and realize that there’s no such thing as one common truth, everyone needs to find their own. We’ve lived abroad for years. Namibia in southern part of Africa is holding a big piece in our hearts, Kenya is where our first son was born. Now we are exploring Panama, loving our laidback lifestyle there.

I studied in Finland and got my degree 2006 in physical therapy from Turku University of Applied Sciences, eversince I’ve been working as a physiotherapist, with individuals and groups. I’ve taken many courses of using pilates in different physical conditions. Year 2013 I took part in international Basi Pilates mat teacher training and I got a certificate which entitles to teach Basi Pilates.

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