The First Step in Becoming an Intentional Mom

Intentional Mom
If you look back at yesterday, what is it that you remember?
For every single one of, busy mamas of tiny humans, there is a daily dance of repetitive selfless actions: wipe bottoms, roll socks up, cut crusts off, refill water bottles, tidy the toys, dry tears, make dinner, strap seat belts, search for the special cuddly friend, read bedtime stories and explain in simple terms why some of us have blue eyes and some brown, but actually we are all the same.
There might be brief moments of pure happiness and joy. Those seconds when time stands still, and you finally soak into one tiny detail, marveling at its beauty. Those are very rare and can easily slip away if we are so distracted by the mundane or if our own worries and inner dialogue are playing on repeat.
Like that time the kid finally climbed to the top of the slide and victoriously signaled his accomplishment to the mom, but she didn’t see him because she was too busy talking to the other mom friends in the park about how important is to steam veggies rather than boil them.
Or the time our kid tried so hard to get our attention “mom, mama, mummy, mommy, look at me look at me LOOK-AT-ME” while we said: “Wait for one second honey, I’ll be right with you!” because we were hiding in the kitchen, deep into the post-partum pictures our high school nemesis posted on Facebook.

We’ve seen other mothers doing it, we judged them. We did it ourselves, hoping nobody saw us or judged us. Either way, we judged ourselves.

And so we end the day feeling guilty, unable to marinate our expectations with the reality.
I’ve been there, and I know every single one of us has felt it.

It is yet again a reminder that any version of multitasking is just an unachievable tool of success in life, whether you are pursuing motherhood or business.

The moment I shifted my perspective into taking care of my own needs first, with intention and daily frequency, I observed a complete change in the quality of my presence.
When I was with my children, I could gift them my undivided attention and participation.
When I was with my partner, I could truly be with him, listening and connecting.
When I was with my girlfriends, I could focus on the dialogue we needed to have.
BUT it only happened in the days which:

When I was by myself, I was unapologetically doing what made ME happy.

I was offering myself the quality time I needed to soothe my soul, body, and mind. Every. Single. Day.

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