5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep Magical Mom

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” was something Benjamin Franklin believed in.
While the benefits of early bedtime are undisputed, achieving sleep of good quality, as a mother, might be a challenge greater than expected.

1. Don’t eat late

And especially don’t eat sugar, caffeine or carbs late in the night. These foods are supposed to give you a boost of energy (test this during the day), but in the evening, they will provide a great reason to toss and turn.
Stop drinking your coffee or tea around 2 PM, opting for herbal or caffeine-free drinks.
Eat fruits only in the morning and carbs during lunch time. Keep dinner high in protein, fat and non-starchy veggies.
My dinner happens at 5, together with the kids. I keep the leftovers for my husband, and I keep him company at the dinner table after we put the kids to bed.

2. Use reading as the last activity before bed

There have been many studies in regards to the impact of the light-producing devices on the quality of our sleep.
Humans have lived many years dependent on the solar cycle. When the sun was up, we got up. When the sun came down, we gathered around our cave, making a fire (soft light). We socialized, and then we slept. Our bodies knew that to be natural.
When we end our day with bright white lights, our brain doesn’t receive enough clues that it’s time to switch off, and thus it continues working overtime.
Grab a book, ideally fiction, and read it with a soft yellow, light.

3. Make sleep a priority

There are many things that we could do instead: clean up the house, watch TV, double-tap photos on Instagram. While some of these activities might be necessary, if you dig deep down into analyzing what you do and the happiness it brings you, you will be surprised.
Systems might be needed to put in place so that you can embrace a change initially, but soon it will become second nature. It’s as simple as making the decision to put your rest first and make yourself the priority.

4. End with gratitude and letting go

Use 5 minutes of free writing to end your day. Start with
I am grateful for …
I wish I could have done this better ….Inspired by the 5-minute journal.
Expressing yourself in writing gives fluency to your thoughts.

5. Plan the morning

Look forward to what will happen in the morning: early time, silence, your favorite cup of tea or coffee and taking care of yourself first.

Giving yourself grace for the season you’re in is also essential to keep in mind: if you have a small baby who still wakes up in the night, do the best you can to rest as much as possible whenever possible.
If your children are sick, make their care and your self-care the number one priority.

Life is cyclical and whatever you are going through is not permanent – not the bad, and not even the good.

Nevertheless, become intentional about how you want to spend your time and to who you will be gifting it to.

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5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

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