How to Have a Good Day

how to have a good day

Most people are happy. Most mothers are happy. But we often feel we are not happy enough, consistently enough.

Sitting back and expecting happiness to hit your soul and household won’t happen. We expect happiness to be something that just pops up, but in truth, happiness needs to be generated. We need to learn what makes us happy and then do that.

For me, individual happiness meant two very simple things:

  • silence and solitude – an almost impossible quest with three kids under 4
  • time to focus on what gave my life purpose outside of my kids
  • It took me hitting several rock bottoms before I realized that the only way for me to achieve this was by waking up before the kids and do what I wanted to do.

    At first, I put an alarm 10 minutes earlier than their usual wake-up time. I would have enough time to prepare my tea and have a couple of sips before they were up.

    This was enough to make me feel like a superstar, ready to tackle the day, respond to their needs and be a better mother.
    I attribute the shift that happened to the change of my operating mood – from victimhood (all I do is take care of my kids, prepare food, clean after them, hold crying toddlers, dry tears and bottoms, read Elmo’s adventures and sing “The wheels on the bus”) to ownership (yes, I do care for my kids, but I take care of myself as well, preferably first).

    I am grateful for motherhood, and I would never change a thing, but to say it is easy and a constant memory maker would be an unrealistic statement.

    In time, my morning routine changed. I woke up earlier and earlier, cherishing the time I had for myself, adding a meditation practice and a daily writing practice, starting MagicalMom and just becoming a better mother. When my kids were finally awake, I was ready to welcome them into my already awesome day, rather than starting my day attending to their needs and schedule.

    Do you wake up FOR the kids or you wake up TO the kids?

    Magical shift.

    So unless you have small babies with unreliable sleeping patterns or your children struggle with sleeping through the night, you are pregnant, or have some sort of other reason why you can’t go to sleep earlier,

    The best possible thing you can do to have a good day is to wake up before the kids and attend to you own desires first.

    It will be miraculous.

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