Welcome to the link to some of the resources that helped me recalibrate my relationship with food.
Before you start, please note that I’m not an expert in nutrition, nor a medical professional and you should consult your doctor for advice before making any changes in your diet.

The Whole30® Program – this program helped me reset my relationship to food

Kris Carr – resources on how a plant-based diet influences health management

Rich Roll – resources on how a plant-based diet influences endurance and performance

Dr. Mark Hyman – who recently said: “Your fork is the most powerful tool to transform your health and change the world.”

You will probably have to try many things before you find something that works for you and your family. My invitation is just to consider that food is fuel and the quality of the fuel you choose to consume will dictate the quality of energy that you receive.

The relationship with our body is transactional: we give it what it needs, and in return, we get to feel great. We don’t give it what it needs, and our body will find a way to signal to us that it is not working properly.

Test and be willing to think outside of what you used to call food when you grew up.