5 Tips on How to Wake Up Earlier

how to wake up earlier

1.Become aware of the season you’re in

I’ve followed a Periscope discussing mothers being either in a season of grace or a season of work.
The season of grace is when you are pregnant, or nursing, your partner is working odd hours, and you want to be up to see them at night, or when some (or all) of the kids are sick and generally when you need to recognize that you should cut yourself some slack. When you’re in this season, it doesn’t make much sense to start attempting to wake up earlier as a habit. You are just setting yourself up for failure.
If however your kids are older, sleeping through the night, their wake-up pattern is predictable, when everybody is healthy, and the demands seem to be focused on the time of the day when there is light, you might have entered the season of work – all you need to do is be willing to put in the work (and resistance) it will take to make this new habit a part of your life.

2.Be clear about your WHY

So why exactly do you want to wake up earlier?
Whatever your WHY – curiosity, despair, lack of purpose, well-being, spirituality – make the WHY about YOU. You don’t wake up early to wash even more dishes or iron even more clothes.
Wake up earlier so you can do something that recharges your soul and reframes your mindset from “selflessly giving to my family” to “proudly taking care of myself first.”
It’s ok to change your mind after a while.
It’s also ok to change the routine after a while.

3.Embrace the pace that works for you

There are two ways to go about starting to wake up early. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. They both work equally effective; it is just fully dependent on your personality and current resources. Whichever you choose, it is the right thing for you.

#1 Gradual

Set up your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than your regular time. After a week, move the alarm 15 more minutes earlier. Continue in 15 minutes increments until you reach the time you need.

#2 Full immersion

How long before the kids do you want to be awake? If it’s 1 hour, put the alarm 1 hour before the usual wake-up time. No snoozing. When it goes on, just get out of bed. Crawl to your coffee or tea and try to survive today. The first day will be tough. The next will be easier and easier.

4.Make your morning sacred

Whatever it is that you WANT to be doing, do it the first thing in the morning.
If it’s meditation, do it first.
If it’s prayer, do it first.
If it’s reading, read first.
If it’s exercise, start working out first.
Get it out of the way, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from it will be priceless. And when that is done, no matter what will follow, the day is already a great success.

5.Automate decision-making

It’s no secret that we have a limited brain capacity to make good decisions. Once we reach that threshold, we will very likely start making uninspired choices. It is like going to a fancy restaurant and filling on bread before the most delicious food comes out. It’s counterintuitive, yet we all do it.
Some of the most creative and productive people in the world eliminate mundane decision-making so they can focus their mind on what is actually important.
Some of the decisions that take most of our time are:

  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • what to do

The best time to make a decision is when you DON’T HAVE TO make it.
-Decide what to eat by making a weekly meal plan, with recipes and shopping lists. Have 3-4 of those and keep on rotating.
-Decide what to wear the night before by putting out the clothes in the bathroom, right next to the toothbrush. Full attire. DO the same for the kids.
-Follow a 5 point TO DO list. Cross off the most important task off that list during the morning time.

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Are you in a season of grace or a season of work?

Whatever it is that you want to be doing, do it the first thing in the morning.

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