How is Magical Mom Changing This Year?

A couple of months ago I sat down to plan the year. I wrote down all the topics I felt I should talk about here on Magical Mom. Things that are dear to my heart and in my opinion not discussed enough in the world we live in, such as talking to kids about God, mindfulness for moms, relationship with food, boundaries, sibling rivalry, and simplifying.
I was so on top of my game that I already had four articles ready for you.

And then end of the year happened. That’s my favorite time e-v-e-r because I intentionally sit down to re-examine my life and all of its aspects. And when I got to Magical Mom, which is a big part of my life, I realized that I lost a bit of my intention of how I wanted to use this space, my voice, and the tremendous privilege of your attention and time.
I focused more on what I wanted to say vs. what YOU need to make your life EASY.

And then I did this which resulted in the rethinking and re-planning my entire work year.
Let me translate:
I forgot that my primary intention for this space is to be useful. To offer you tips, tricks, ideas, tactics, resources, you name it, that you can use.
Yes, I wanted to continue to bring excitement and whispered me too’s and even tears over your screens. But those are just the collateral perks of a job well-done or an article well-written.

Now to the specifics:
My life-intention this year is to live joyously. To find the habits, tactics, routines to bring playfulness and delight to my life. After all these years, entire libraries of self-help books, seminars, workshops, podcasts, inspiration seeking, and tears, I know I am responsible for generating these feelings. I want to share this process with you.

My mission is to be USEFUL and provide you with the details that will dramatically improve your life, whether it is in the parenting, professional or personal development realms.

This is what I do best.
So each month I will address a significant theme that contributes to overall wellbeing and then provides the specific details, how-to’s, rhythms, routines, habits, lists, and self-talk. Here’s a peek at how I envision this year:
Inner dialogue

This year I am also incorporating rest into my year, and I will take an eight-week break over the summer to stop the rush and remember BEing without DOing.

I will be more active on Instagram and share more of my every day on the daily stories.

This year I will also organize in-person meet-ups, online training, and even more chances to connect with you.

Thank you for being here, and for having the courage to be part of a conversation that challenges the traditional approach to motherhood and life.

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