The Longest Stillness

The longest stillness Magical Mom

Last night my daughter resisted with all her strength going to sleep. Just because it was a school night and I forgot about the RULE and actually reminded her of the TRUTH (this normally never happens, cause she does only the complete opposite of whatever I say). So I said that we must go to…

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Write Your Own Birth Story

Write your own birth story

Very few of us get to experience the birth of our baby exactly how we imagined we would have it. High expectations, anticipation, and preconceptions are present in each one of us, modern women connected to the internet and reading blogs about other people’s birth stories. And while I deeply believe that any shared experience…

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You will Not Have the Children You Wanted to Have

You will not have the kids you wanted

You will not get pregnant at the exact time you wanted to. Your child will not be born under the star sign you wish he had. Some of us will get pregnant after a one-night stand, some through IVF; some will make love and then keep their feet up the wall while others will transform…

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8 Steps to a More Intentional, Less Stressed Life

8 steps to a more intentional, less stressed life

There are many reasons why people get stressed – work, traffic, emotional needs of our children or partner, too many demands and too little time or too few people to do what needs to be done. I believe though that the source of all stress comes when our expectations are not being aligned with our…

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When You’re in the Dark

When you're in the dark

Dear friend, You and I don’t get to talk. But actually, I know you very well. You are me, and I am you. Listen, I know it’s hard. I know you’re close to your limit. I know this because I’ve been there. It was at my fingertips, and I stayed in front of that line…

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How I Juggle the Demands of Three Small Children


Often when I am out with my kids, I get comments from complete strangers that go along these lines: “I don’t know how you do it all!” “Wow, that’s a handful!” “Do you ever sleep?” “Do you ever stop?” “I would go crazy if I were you!” My oldest daughter was two years and five…

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Lessons in Parenting – What I’ve Learned in 5 Years

Lessons in parenting - what I've learned in 5 years

Exactly five years ago, at 9:21 am, I got the first glimpse at the soul who made me a mother. The doctor put her on my belly, and I was looking at her in awe. They announced excitedly “It’s a girl!!!” I barely registered that information. I was staring at the perfectly formed tiny human…

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The Two Options When Considering Waking Up Before the Kids

I’ve long been an advocate to early wake-up. The moment the kids started sleeping through the night, and my schedule became more predictable, waking up early, before my entire family, was the absolute BEST thing I’ve done. It was the greatest catalyst for change – personal growth, business productivity, and overall happiness. I stumbled upon…

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How Waking Up Before My Kids Saved My Motherhood

How waking up before my kids saved my motherhood

This is how my mornings looked like, some time ago: I would wake-up when my (then only) child was calling me out from her her crib. This was usually between 5:30 – 6:30 AM. I stumbled to the kitchen, fixed a bottle, gave it to her then proceeded with changing diapers and choosing her clothes.…

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Why is it so Hard to Wake Up Earlier

why is it so hard to wake up early

After reading Sapiens last year, I changed my mind about some things and understood many more, but one massive take-away for me was the deeper understanding of how story-telling has been ingrained into our development as humans and is the base of how we make sense of what surrounds us. Not only the stories we…

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How to Make My Kids Sleep Longer

How to Make my Kids Sleep Longer

When I first found out I was pregnant, one of my main concerns was sleep. You see, I LOVE to sleep. I NEED to sleep. I couldn’t even muster a half-functioning day if I had less than 9 hours of sleep. How was I supposed to make life happening if I had broken sleep? How…

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Which One is the Better Mom

Which one is the better mom

Is it the one that co-sleeps or the one who sleep-trains her children? The mother who sits down on the floor playing with or alongside her children or the one who encourages the kids to play by themselves? Is it the parent who enrolls her kid in an after school activity every single day or…

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How I Became a Morning Person

The day I became a morning person

I’ve always believed that the best of life happens in the night. I’ve never had any issues being awake until 2 AM or working night flights. That’s until I had kids. Not because I minded being awake; that was not at all an issue. Being awake EARLY, however, is what smacked my face hard on…

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How to Look Forward to Your Mornings?

how to look forward to your mornings

For a vast majority of people, waking up earlier is viewed as a punishment. When we have to do it, we must go to bed earlier, which means we are missing out on whatever fun and excitement happen in the night. Most of the times we attempt to go to bed earlier, we toss and…

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5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep Magical Mom

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” was something Benjamin Franklin believed in. While the benefits of early bedtime are undisputed, achieving sleep of good quality, as a mother, might be a challenge greater than expected. 1. Don’t eat late And especially don’t eat sugar, caffeine or carbs late…

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The Legacy We Leave Our Kids

The legacy we leave our kids - Magical Mom

It was an early Sunday morning in February. She said she couldn’t stand up; her migraine was too strong. By the time the ambulance came, she was unconscious. Already in a coma, she never woke up anymore. Two days later, she was dead. I was 15; my sister was 10, and our life was never…

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How to wake up earlier without waking up the kids?

How to wake up earlier without waking up the kids?

Many mothers embracing intentional mornings are discouraged because when they attempt to wake up earlier, the kids wake up with them. And that is not only counterproductive but also it defeats the purpose of putting your alarm earlier to spend quality alone time. You will instead spend time with a cranky toddler who didn’t get…

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It’s Not My Job to Make My Kids Happy

I lived many years with the thought that my true destiny as a mother is to make my kids happy. When they were small, they were happy with the obvious – cuddles, smiles, milk on demand, fresh diapers. As they grew bigger, however, they could become really unhappy, really fast for mysterious apparent reasons: one…

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Why Kids Don’t Listen

There is nothing more annoying to a mother than a kid who simply doesn’t seem to acknowledge we are talking or we want them to do something. There is nothing more stressful than feeling judged by the people around us because our kids don’t listen. That’s when we make bad decisions as mothers, and that’s…

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How to Set Realistic Goals for the New Year

how to set realistic goals

I say it every year, but seriously, this year has been passing me like a super fast race car. Damn, time flies! I know the world is divided into people who plan and want resolutions, and people who hate resolutions and the people making them. I used to be a “resolutions” kind of person. This…

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