How do you spend the first hour of your day?

If you roll out of bed when a child screams or comes to get you, or if the first things you hear when you open your eyes are: Mom, where are my socks?! This juice is not cold enough! I don’t want to eat breakfast right now! Come on, we’re late!!!  , you are not alone!

Most mothers wake up TO their kids rather than FOR their kids. And when the day starts hectic, the rest of your time will be spent in martyr mode.

When everybody else’s needs are more important than our own and we attend to at least 10 demands before the first cup of coffee, we are in serious danger of not enjoying motherhood.

In my free 5-day email course, you will learn how to take care of your needs FIRST, start the day relaxed and in silence and welcome the kids into your day that is already going well.
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Hi, I'm Talida!

I help busy mothers become intentional about how they spend the first hour of their day and become calmer women, relaxed moms and overall happier humans.

The minimum effort - maximum gain equation is something embraced in every aspect of my existence. Changing how I spent my first waking hour is the simplest action that triggered a tremendous amount of positive change.

It is my commitment to help as many women as I can to live their life with intention and purpose and put themselves FIRST.

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I write about intentional morning, motherhood and happiness.

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