Why Kids Don’t Listen

why kids don't listen

There is nothing more annoying to a mother than a kid who simply doesn’t seem to acknowledge we are talking or we want them to do something. There is nothing more stressful than feeling judged by the people around us because our kids don’t listen. That’s when we make bad decisions as mothers, and that’s…

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How to Set Realistic Goals for the New Year

How to Set Realistic Goals for the New Year

I say it every year, but seriously, this year has been passing me like a super fast race car. Damn, time flies! I know the world is divided into people who plan and want resolutions, and people who hate resolutions and the people making them. I used to be a “resolutions” kind of person. This…

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12 Tips for Long-Haul Travel with Small Children

12 Tips for Long-Haul Travel with 3 kids under 5

With the holidays in sight, I know that many of you, my wonderful friends are planning to travel to see family. Those trips may be longer or shorter, but mostly they may add to your stress levels even more than the pressure of coping with your extended family’s desires and habits. We recently traveled to…

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How Do You Start the Day?

start of the day

Just a while back I was watching a video (link here) discussing morning routines. A sentence got stuck in my brain, playing in a loop, just like last week, when I got the “Wheels on the bus” chorus stuck in my brain cells. I wake up FOR my kids vs. I wake up TO my…

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35 Truths

Today is my birthday. I’m turning the obvious number in the title of this post. I want to share with you some grown up truths I learned, most of the times the hard way. Change is always hard at first. Even (or maybe especially) when it’s a change for the good. The moment I’m done…

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5 Tips on How to Wake-Up Earlier

how to wake up earlier

1.Become aware of the season you’re in I’ve followed a Periscope discussing mothers being either in a season of grace or a season of work. The season of grace is when you are pregnant, or nursing, your partner is working odd hours, and you want to be up to see them at night, or when…

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My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

After writing this article, many readers wrote to me asking for the specific morning routine I have. I was resistant to share that because what works for me might not work for you. My morning routine is something I developed over the years, based on my needs – an introvert who cherishes silence but has…

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How to Have a Good Day

how to have a good day

Most people are happy. Most mothers are happy. But we often feel we are not happy enough, consistently enough. Sitting back and expecting happiness to hit your soul and household won’t happen. We expect happiness to be something that just pops up, but in truth, happiness needs to be generated. We need to learn what…

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Motherhood vs. Victimhood

motherhood vs victimhood

I want water! I’m so thirsty, my throat is dry, and I can’t even play! RIGHT NOW!!! Mommmmmm, where is my favorite stuffed puppy? I can’t find it!!!!! Help me RIGHT NOW!!!!! TV TV TV TV TV TV TV!!!!!!!!! We haven’t watched in five weeks! I want!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!” It’s time for snacks! I want…

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How Meditation Changed My Parenting


I still can’t believe that couple of days ago I saw this on my screen: I’ve been meditating every single day for the past 365. I started this practice for three of reasons: I spent my entire existence overthinking stuff. Most of life, for me, happens in my head. Exhausting inner dialogue, unspoken assumptions, overanalyzing,…

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Why I Don’t Make My Kids Share


Would you gladly give me your favorite pair of shoes or the necklace you are wearing? Would you maybe pause using your phone and let me have it just because it is shinier than mine and I REALLY NEED IT RIGHT NOW? Or maybe you could stop in the middle of your pedicure and offer…

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Every Marriage Struggles


When I met my husband almost 8 years ago, we were both very different people. The main focus we had in our individual, but also couple life was recognition and pleasure. At work, we both chased results, positioning, getting ahead and making more money. We wanted to be recognized for our intellectual capabilities and skills.…

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Why stay-at-home-mom is NOT a job

stay-at-home-mom job

The dreaded question every single stay-at-home-mom eventually faces is So, what do you do? Whether asked by the nail technician or when we’re in some adult environment feeling pretty awesome for having had the courage to leave the kids with the sitter, when this comes up, we shrink into an uncomfortable mess. We start to…

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7 Lessons from Awesome Mothers

7 lessons from awesome mothers

I recently met with a bunch of amazing women. All strong, kind, gentle beings. All of them changing the world. Some of them were pregnant, some had grown kids, some teenagers and some were just in the middle of it. I asked them what is the one advice they could offer. Here are some of…

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The Belief that Made Me a Better Mother

The belief that made me a better mother

Motherhood is the fastest crash course in personal development. Being a mother will put us down and immediately pull us back up, crack our souls open, dismiss everything we thought we knew and every single thought we had in that little fantasyland called When I’m gonna be a mother I will be…. patient, loving, not…

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8 Things I Want to Stop Saying to My Kids

8 things i want to stop saying to my kids

I’ll admit it! When faced with a parenting struggle, I inadvertently turn into my mother. Being cornered by stress, time, or social pressure, I say the exact same things to my kids as I used to hear. Even when I clearly remember it made no sense to me back then. When I’m not in the…

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Practical advice for the underslept, overwhelmed and exhausted mother

practical advice for the exhausted mother

Before we had kids, we envisioned a fantasy of how our lives will look like with them – we imagined how amazing it would be to hold the small, fluffy, sleeping baby, just like the one we saw on TV, in that diapers commercial. They would hug us with their chubby arms and talk cute baby…

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Should We Show Our Anger or Sadness in Front of the Kids

should we show our anger or sadness in front of the kids

Feelings of anger and sadness wash over every single one of us. It doesn’t matter how together we look at the bake sale, how successful we are in our careers or how behaved our children choose to be for one afternoon. We feel these feelings and then we find a way to cope with them.…

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6 Secrets of a Happy Mom

6 secrets of a happy mom

“Happiness depends on ourselves.” said Aristotle, exploring the idea that happiness is a central purpose of human life. In this article we will explore the secrets of a happy mom – simple, actionable steps and minimal habits to embrace to increase our happiness every single day. 1. YOU come first “Put your oxygen mask first…

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